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Feburary, March and April Favourites

First of all I am so sorry for being so inactive recently, I have been really unmotivated and just haven't been feeling great, I took a break, and I have now got a lot more motivation and I'm so excited to be blogging again.
Today I am going to be talking about my favourites over the past couple of months because to becompletely honest there has been quite a few. Anyway lets begin.

Silk Vegan Fibre Lash Mascara Duo
My first favourite is the Silk Vegan Fibre Lash Mascara Duo, the duo contains a mascara and a mascara fibre, all you do is apply the mascara followed by the fibre and it works amazingly!

Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick

The next favourite is the Witch Naturally Clear Blemish Stick, its really simple to use and you can really see the improvement it make. As well as how great it is it is only £2.50!

L'Oreal Paris Super Slim Eyeliner
My next favourite is the L'Oreal Paris Super Slim Eyeliner, being someone who has tried a fair amount of eyeliners I can honestly say…

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